Speed Display Features

Each and every speed display from Information Display Company (IDC) comes with standard features that make them the most effective, dependable and versatile traffic signs available anywhere. In addition, we offer a variety of optional features and accessories to enhance the capabilities of your radar speed sign, variable speed limit sign or intelligent traffic sign.

Our displays incorporate a variety of patented designs and features that simply make them the best in the business.  From our exclusive anti-glare, vandal resistant, and targeted viewing  technologies, to anti-corrosion and field repairable construction, our radar speed signs and speed displays continue to set the industry standard for quality and effectiveness.



All SpeedCheck radar speed signs and traffic displays are designed with the highest quality parts and patented technologies including:

  Highest quality construction
    SpeedCheck radar speed displays use only 100% naturally corrosion resistant materials, including heavy 11-gauge welded aluminum, stainless steel and brass hardware.
  » Highest contrast display - UltraClear™
    The development of our SpeedCheck UltraClear™ high contrast display highlights our dedication to continuous improvement. Our second-generation design introduced an unprecedented (and still unbeatable) contrast ratio and legibility, while the Gen 3 design brought new technology that completely eliminated sun and headlight glare. UltraClear technology is standard in all of our SpeedCheck radar speed signs and IDC speed displays.
  » Maximum speed awareness and driver respect
    All SpeedCheck radar speed signs and IDC traffic displays are MUTCD & FHWA compliant. This authoritative design, in combination with our UltraClear display technology commands drivers’ attention and respect, producing better results than any other speed display.
  » No stray LED light
    Our SpeedCheck radar speed signs and IDC traffic displays focus the LED light on the roadway to prevent stray light in neighboring windows. SpeedCheck radar speed displays automatically dim the LEDs for night conditions, reducing power consumption & providing optimum night viewing.
  » Unique safety features - SafetyMask™

IDC is the only company with SafetyMask™ technology.  By limiting viewing to a carefully defined area within the driver's normal forward field of view, SafetyMask eliminates rubbernecking & keeps driver attention on the road ahead.

  » DC display drive
    Although it requires more sophisticated electronics than the switched systems used by others, all of IDC's SpeedCheck and intelligent traffic signs use only DC display drive power, which results in dramatically longer LED life expectancy.  That is one of the reasons that we are confident enough to provide an eight-year warranty on our LED displays.
  » Best vandal resistance
    If struck by a projectile, many of our displays are designed to absorb the shock by deflecting together up to 2 inches without damage.  This design feature makes IDC's SpeedCheck radar speed signs and intelligent traffic signs the most highly vandal resistant displays you can buy.
  » Highest quality throughout
    We manufacture everything with quality first in mind. We use only Agilent (Hewlett Packard) LEDs, which provide the best viewability and life. We design all of our signs with DC display drive for dramatically longer life (that's why our LED displays are bright and clear long after competitors’ displays have noticeably dimmed). And we use only 100% naturally corrosion resistant materials, including heavy 11-gauge welded aluminum and stainless steel and brass hardware in all SpeedCheck radar speed signs and IDC speed displays.
  » Easy to install, program and service
    All of our SpeedCheck radar speed signs and IDC traffic displays are easy to use, troubleshoot and repair. Our speed displays are designed to be serviced in the field by untrained personnel using standard hand tools.
  » Exceptional warranty and support
    We back all of our radar speed signs with a standard three-year warranty, and a ten year warranty on the amber and red LEDs (additional service years can be purchased at a small cost). Our highly acclaimed support staff knows the products inside out and are ready to answer your questions and help as needed, including traveling to your location for on-site support.
  » ViolationAlert™
    Flashes the display when the detected vehicle's speed exceeds your selected limit. The greater the violation, the faster it flashes, and the more likely drivers will pay attention.
  » SLOW DOWN Message
    This optional message further intensifies driver awareness. You choose to display the SLOW DOWN message until speed drops below your threshold, or to alternate with a display of the vehicles' speed. The SLOW DOWN message is available in either red or amber.
  » High-Speed Blanking™
    This standard feature discourages racing the sign by causing the display to go blank at higher speeds.
  » Flashing Speed Limit
    This option on our changeable speed limit and radar speed display signs gives extra emphasis to the current speed limit. Used in school zones or other areas where the speed limit changes during certain hours, or where special emphasis must be placed on the need for reducing speed.



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