Solar Powered SpeedCheck Radar Signs

Solar Powered



Solar Power Radar Speed Displays

Information Display Company can help you determine the best power supply option for your specific needs. If solar power is the way to go, the experts at IDC can help you find the exact solar power solution required to ensure not-stop, trouble free operations under any circumstances.

Solar Powered Radar Speed Sign


Solar Power Considerations

When considering a solar-powered solution, you will need to plan the height and size of your pole.

  • We recommend at least a 4-inch diameter pole to support solar panels, since they can easily catch the wind and act like a sail.
  • The bottom of your speed display needs to be six to eight feet from the ground to meet FHWA MUTCD standards and to help minimize vandalism.
  • You can mount the battery box behind the backside of the fixed sign to save pole real estate and neatly tuck the equipment out of sight.
  • A speed limit sign requires 30" x 36" with one foot of separation between the display and the top of pole solar panel racks.
  • For pole space allocation when mounting solar panels on the side of the pole:

a) Allow 2 feet when using our SpeedCheck solar brackets


b) For larger sized panels we use UniRack brackets. Allow 4 feet to support 85 to 130watts, and 6 feet to support 150 watts or more.


Solar Powered Speed Sign Expert

To have us design a solar powered installation that will work NO MATTER WHAT, fill out the solar power design form and email, fax or call it in to our engineering department.


Other Accessories For Your SpeedCheck Radar Speed Sign

Information Display Company offers a variety of accessories that expand the capabilities of your radar speed sign, variable speed limit sign or intelligent traffic sign. Click on the appropriate link to learn more.

Emphasize speeding violations


Control up to two external devices, such as flashers or strobes.


DisplayManager allows you to manage and monitor your radar speed signs, variable speed limit signs and intelligent traffic signs wirelessly using your laptop computer or from a single remote office.

SpeedCheck Scheduler

Tailor the operations of individual radar displays or entire groups of signs. On/Off, alert thresholds, message displays, speed limit postings and more.


Collect accurate traffic density and speed data using your radar speed sign, variable speed limit sign or intelligent traffic sign.


Sync your radar speed signs, variable speed limit signs or intelligent traffic signs with the government atomic clock and ensure that each of your scheduled operations happen exactly when you want them to.

Mounting Options

Information Display Company makes it easy to set up your radar speed display for either permanent or temporary applications.

Trailer, Stands & Trunk Mounts

IDC changed the industry with the introduction of its SuperTrailer. Redesigned from the ground up, the SuperTrailer is simply the most effective, durable and versatile trailer available anywhere.


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