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SpeedCheck TrafficAnalyzer™

Get accurate traffic data fast and easy

SpeedCheck TafficAnalyzer™ allows you to collect traffic density and speed data, a great tool for measuring the results of your traffic calming programs or for identifying problem areas or times for targeted police enforcement.

With SpeedCheck TrafficAnalyzer, you can download data from multiple displays using your laptop or notebook computer or Central Office system, and you can collect speed data for over 200,000 vehicles without installing road tubes or using police radar.

IDC Traffic Analzer


Data Integrity

When TrafficAnalyzer is turned on, it stores data until it reaches capacity. Then it either stops or is downloaded to avoid overwriting your time sample. TrafficAnalyzer stores data in the display's firmware, ensuring data safety, even if the display loses power.

IDC's TrafficAnalyzer collects date, time and speed on individual vehicles and then our reporting program integrates the raw data into an Excel spreadsheet, which automatically generates reports for full analysis.

The TrafficAnalyzer software delivers a pre-set report on a file tab within the excel worksheet, while another tab gives you access to the raw data for use with any other traffic analyzer software.

  Data Integrity

The chart on the right above shows how the raw data is stored, showing three vehicles passing the display on May 23, 2007 within a minute at 3:56 PM

The below example shows that from 5/23 through 5/29 a total of 9,543 vehicles were measured in a 25 mph zone. The average speed was 25.9 mph. 41 percent of those vehicles were no more than five mph over the speed limit, with the 80th percentile at 31 mph.

IDC Display Manager Advanced

More Accessories For Your SpeedCheck Radar Speed Sign

Information Display Company offers a variety of accessories that expand the capabilities of your radar speed sign, variable speed limit sign or intelligent traffic sign. Click on the appropriate link to learn more.


Emphasize speeding violations


Control up to two external devices, such as flashers or strobes.


DisplayManager allows you to manage and monitor your radar speed signs, variable speed limit signs and intelligent traffic signs wirelessly using your laptop computer or from a single remote office.

SpeedCheck Scheduler

Tailor the operations of individual radar displays or entire groups of signs. On/Off, alert thresholds, message displays, speed limit postings and more.


Sync your radar speed signs, variable speed limit signs or intelligent traffic signs with the government atomic clock and ensure that each of your scheduled operations happen exactly when you want them to.

Mounting Options

Information Display Company makes it easy to set up your radar speed display for either permanent or temporary applications.

Trailer, Stands & Trunk Mounts

IDC changed the industry with the introduction of its SuperTrailer. Redesigned from the ground up, the SuperTrailer is simply the most effective, durable and versatile trailer available anywhere.

AC & Solar Power Options

Go green whenever and wherever you need to operate your radar speed sign, variable speed sign or intelligent traffic sign.




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