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See Why SpeedCheck Radar Speed Display Signs Are Chosen By More U.S. Cities Than Any Others

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Traffic safety experts across the U.S. are using SpeedCheck radar speed signs and IDC's intelligent traffic signs to slow traffic and increase pedestrian safety. Below is a list of news articles and feature pieces about many of these success stories as well as a full library of news releases issued by Information Display Company.

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Choosing & Evaluating RADAR SPEED SIGNS

"Signs Will Record Drivers' Speed In School Zone," Eagle Tribune, January 29, 2009

"Naperville Township Finds New SpeedCheck Displays An Ideal Solution For Improving School-Zone Safety," Naperville MicroBlog, December 2008

"Radar Speed Displays - Choosing The Right Equipment," IMSA Journal, November-December 2008

"Radar-triggered Signs Cut Ketchum Speeding," Idaho Mountain Express, November 26, 2008

"Choosing The Right Radar Speed Sign For Your Community," Police Magazine, October 2008

"AC vs Solar Power: Choosing The Right Safety Sign", Occupational Health & Safety, February 2006

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"The Numbers Game," TM&E Magazine, April 2005

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"Getting People To Police Themselves," APWA Reporter, July 2004

"Radar Speed Displays: Options for Display Format and Power," IMSA Journal, January 2004


SpeedCheck Radar Speed Signs In

r"Speed Detectors, Lights To Be Installed," by Linda Lou, Sand Diego Union-Tribune, July 2007

r"Radar Speed Signs Help Drivers Slow Down," Houston Chronicle, December 2006

r"Slowing Traffic: A Fresh Solution To An Old Problem," Campus Safety Magazine, October 2006

r"Making Our Streets Safe For Our Children," Mothering Magazine, September 2006

r"Speeders Slow Down In Front of Tigard High School," Tigard Times, April 2003


SpeedCheck Radar Speed Signs In

r"Speeding No Secret - Especially Not To Drivers," Carmel Pine Cone, November 2007

r"Nuclear Facility Installs Radar Signs For Forklift Safety,", October 2007


SpeedCheck Radar Speed Signs In

r"Guidelines For Selection Of Speed Reduction Treatements," NCHRP Report 613, 2008

r"Police Hail New Traffic Measures," Arizona Republic, Ocrober 15, 2007

r"Chandler Is East Valley's Leader In Speed Check," East Valley Tribune, July 9, 2007

r"Speed Signs Warn Drivers In Ripon To Take Their Time," Modesto Bee, April 7, 2003

r"Speed Board Target Distracted Drivers," The Press-Enterprise, October 3, 2005


SpeedCheck Radar Speed Signs Used By

r"W. Manheim Purchase Monitor To Deter Speeders," Evening Sun, March 10, 2003


SpeedCheck Radar Speed Signs Used By

r"Hawaiian Resorts Employ Radar Speed Signs," Hotel And Motel Management Magazine, April 25, 2006


SpeedCheck Radar Speed Signs In

r"Protecting Water Crews," American City & County Magazine, November, 2005



rVandal Resistant Radar Speed Signs Draw Attention
October 29, 2009

rUsers of SpeedCheck Radar Speed Signs Receive Free PC Software
October 15, 2009

rRadar Speed Sign Use In Work Zones On The Rise
September 21, 2009

rNew Online Forum Addresses Speeding - School Zone Safety
June 15, 2009

rRadar Speed Signs With Violation Alert Uses Effective Messaging
August 28, 2009

rBellevue Finds Radar Speed Signs Better Alternative To Speed Bumps
August 3, 2009



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